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Voyage Information

Vessel: Challenger Yachts
Start Port: Antigua
End Port: Portsmouth
Grade: 4 – no sailing experience needed
Passport: Y
DofE: Y
This is the ultimate mile builder! If you are looking to experience some serious ocean sailing on one of our round the world 72ft Challenger Yachts then this is definitely the voyage for you. A bucket list item that will leave you with memories to last for a lifetime!
Crossing the Atlantic west-east will really push you to the limit but the satisfaction of achieving it will be immense. You’ll start the voyage knowing all you need to know, having attended a UK based pre-voyage training weekend (join at 19:00 on Friday 22nd  February & leave at 16:00 Sunday 24th February), where you will get the opportunity to experience a Challenger, meet your fellow crew members and ask lots of questions!
You can read first-hand blog entries from a previous Ultimate Deep Sea Challenge voyage crew, noting each step of the journey and the experiences on board. not only a great read but an exciting insight into life on board this voyage.

Please give us a call on 02392 832055 to discuss this voyage further and to ask any questions you might have!

Please note an additional medical form will be sent to you, once we have received your booking. This will need to be completed by your doctor and returned to us. We would advised that you do not book flights until you have had full confirmation from us.