Voyage Information

Vessel: Ketch
Nights: 5
Age: 16-25
Start Port: Oban
End Port: Inverkip
Voyage Grade: – no sailing experience needed
Bursary: Up to £ 149 – Apply for a Bursary
Passport: No
DofE: Yes
Brochure Price: £499

Voyage Highlights

• Reverse of Inverkip to Oban
• Explore the West Scottish Highlands from the water
• Learn basic sailing techniques
• Visit the stunning city of Oban

Join the Tall Ships Youth Trust on this 5 night voyage from Oban to Inverkip.
You will begin the voyage in Oban before exploring the stunning West Scottish highlands from the water on the way to Inverkip.

Time permitting; you may have the opportunity to spend the final day in Inverkip where you will be able to explore the beautiful marina and discover the town’s ancient history.
The 1st day will include meet and greet followed by a safety briefing before beginning your voyage. You will then learn basic sailing techniques and experience man over board practice.
Over the following days you will build your sailing knowledge whilst having fun and making friends. You will be involved with all aspects of sailing the yacht from looking after the boat to cooking and cleaning. After a day at sea most evenings will be spent covering theory, relaxing and socialising.

There is a possibility you could be recommended to the Trust by the Skipper to come back and volunteer as a Watch Assistant or Watch Leader for future Tall Ships voyages.

Whilst every effort will be made to deliver the above voyage content sometimes, due to weather and crew’s ability, the content may need to change. Please see below for our full Conditions of Booking.

Further Information

Passport – Where passport required is indicated, the voyage will start and/or finish abroad or a UK based voyage will aim to visit abroad.
D of E – All of our voyages of 4 nights or more qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential section. Please let our Reservations Team know before sailing if you want to use to use the voyage for the residential section.
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